Creative Graphics

Hello! Everything in here is creative material from personal projects like BiyaByte. For work I did at Chegg, you can visit their blog, and if you want to see more Guitartricks work, check out the Facebook, YouTube, and blog pages.

These are two posts I created for social media. Left is an image used for our Spotify Song Streaming Calculator. I designed the calculator page using assets from scratch, which you can read about on Ultimate Guitar. I designed the entire page and used the design elements in the social image. Right is another social post but this time I took inspiration from the trending Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. In the show, Marie Kondo often asks the people she’s helping: “Does this spark joy?” That’s where the idea came from.

Left is a social media image for one of our sponsored posts. Vox didn’t have a suitable image so I improvised and I think it looks pretty clean and it gets across what the product is in a few, short words. Right is an ad I created for Guitartricks featuring one of our instructors. It’s made for Google Adwords specifications.

GT Youtube banner

This is a banner I created for Guitartricks’ YouTube channel. The banner we had originally looked real dated and so I implemented a very simple design. I used a bit of layering to give it that 3D effect. It’s simple, clean and looks professional while also showing off our beloved instructors.

The image below is an example of what our YouTube thumbnails look like. It looks clean and professional.

EssentialStrum Patterns YT Thumb

The images below are examples of  blog post hero images. Since blog posts range in subject matter, it’s one of my favorite things to do.


I recently created an infographic detailing Guitartricks’ new acoustic course contents. It’s kind of a big image so check it out here.

Mock Banner

beets by dre

It’s just a joke! But I think the logo is pretty awesome.

Voices of Sacramento Cover Art

voices of sac cover

I always wanted to make a book cover and so I did! Voices of Sac State is an anthology of creative writing and art from Sacramento State University. I embedded a number of Sacramento-inspired images behind the letters that spell out the word “Voices.” When I read great writing or experience great art, I always wonder about the people behind the art. This cover is meant to evoke that idea, that there are all these wonderful people and places behind the best art. I’m really proud to be part of a book like this.


chat logThis is the Soundcloud thumbnail image for Chat Log, an interview series I created. Since all of Biya Byte interviews were usually embedded in YouTube videos, I wanted to try and make an all-audio version for Soundcloud, which gave me an opportunity to play with new graphics and a new name. Since it’s a one-on-one interview about geeky things, I thought it was pretty appropriate to make the thumbnail image resemble a chat log. And that’s how the name came about. Pretty fitting right?



The intro for Loot Drop, an unboxing series on the Biya Byte YouTube channel. The name is one of the bests by far. The fact that it’s a series about geeky product unboxings, and then calling that video series something used only in geek culture, and more specifically video games, was a home run.

For the logo itself, I got inspiration from Nintendo’s amiibo logo. It’s tough to make any video game-related content without referencing Nintendo. There’s the coin at the end of the bumper, but if you watch one of the videos, there’s a familiar sound as well.

The animation starts as a single, colorful exclamation point and then the text unravels from it before the highlights pop out of the text. I did this to evoke the idea of unraveling, or unpacking – since it’s a series about opening products, I thought it fit pretty well. Plus it’s just fun.


Left to right is the oldest to newest. This is an evolution of the logos. The emblem comes from drawing one day and it’s supposed to look like a geometrical “B” in the middle of a pentagon. Originally, the emblem was also created with the “paint brush” style used on the words, but I decided to add some contrast and straightened the edges.

During the life of Biya Byte, I played with my different interests like retro aesthetics. That’s where the static, VHS style logo came from. Eventually, I started to play around with using a cleaner font for some videos. I was inspired by brand logos like and mobile game developer, Supercell. Their logos are simple, but bold text and I wanted to do a similar thing. I think the black background with the simple white text looks pretty rad.

giphy (1)

This animation was the bumper at the beginning of the majority of our videos for a long time. YouTube stats show that the shorter the video the better, and so I made the bumper 2 seconds long. It’s simple and the fact that it’s animated also draws the eye into the content.


giphy (2)
Easy Mode Ultra is named the way it is because I wanted to convey that the podcast was casual, so that anybody could jump in and feel like they’re listening to friends talk about video games – it’s easy mode, not hard mode. The ultra is an inside joke within gaming culture, that is, a large number of old games are re-released and are usually accompanied by words like “Extreme” or “Ultra” or “Super” to emphasize that it’s new. For Easy Mode Ultra, there was no doubt in my mind I was going to use a pixelated font since it was going to be a video game podcast. The design has pretty much stayed the same over the years. The “Ultra” part is intentionally written in the same font as the “Biya Byte” logos to show where the podcast comes from.

Since Easy Mode Ultra was a podcast, that meant I got to play around with the thumbnails each week. I experimented a lot and eventually settled for optimizing it for YouTube. The Sonic thumbnail is the latest iteration of an EMU thumbnail. Simple, colorful and provides teaser text.

Biya Byte and Easy Mode Ultra logos also make pretty neat business cards!


billy bytes banner
The banner for another YouTube series. We never got to make this, but it was supposed to be shot and edited like a video essay. I spent all day learning Adobe Illustrator and recreated a logo inspired by my real life glasses. Pretty proud of it! And damn, look at that font.