How to talk to somebody.

How to talk to somebody.

I can walk up to them and say hi or

maybe that’s too forward.

I can ask them what’s good on the menu but

I bet they get that question all the time.

I can wear a shirt from a popular movie and pray that you say something like the time you mentioned you watched The Flash but stopped after season two.

I can simply say I like their shirt, or their shoes, or the way their hair shapes their face.

Or the way you smile, or the way you don’t smile and when you look at me I evaporate, but that’s again, too forward, and might come across rude.

I wish I could ask you about your art and the work you’ve done in school, but you’ve only mentioned it once and if I bring it up does that make me some type of loser that hangs onto everything you say? Am I to you a single drop of rain ?

I can pretend not to care.

I can just ignore you and fake laugh really loud like my good friend John, the way John laughs crazy.

I can do that but fake, or I can tell my friend a joke in front of you,

and hope that you notice me, but that sounds really desperate, too.

I can tell you I saw Bernie Sanders at a rally two blocks away.

No, no, back to basics.

I can just say hi.

But what the heck do I say after that? What if you say hi back? Was it the real Bernie?

I try to draw up something but all I get is blank. No, no, I can’t do that. I really like your shirt, where’d you get it?

Oh please don’t think I’m just trying to sleep with you.

Do you think I’m boring, do I smell bad, is my fly down, keep eye contact, what if they say hi back and I don’t have a follow up and everything blends together in a blur and never mind, I’ll sit back down.

Look around. Everyone is beautiful and look at you,

you can’t even talk to somebody.

you can’t even talk to somebody

you can’t even talk.


how to talk to somebody

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